Stanislaus County Tax Department (California)

A Treasurer and Tax Collector in Stanislaus County, California is responsible for collecting local taxes and disbursing these funds, including property taxes. Stanislaus County Treasurers and Tax Collectors maintain a number of tax-related records, including property tax assessments, parcel numbers, local tax assessments, appraisal values, and information on individuals with delinquent taxes. These Stanislaus County tax departments may provide information on tax payment plans, tax refunds, tax liens, and foreclosures. Some offices also handle business taxes and licensing as well as vehicle taxes and registration. Treasurers and Tax Collectors provide a range of Stanislaus County tax information and services, which are accessible through their website.

Stanislaus County Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office Modesto CA 1010 10th Street 95354 209-525-6388

A Finance Department in Stanislaus County, California administers finances for its jurisdiction, often at the state or local level. As part of their responsibilities, Finance Departments provide information about California State and local Stanislaus County taxes, including property taxes, and maintain tax-related records. These tax department records include Stanislaus County property appraisal values, paid and unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Finance Departments may also provide services such as tax payment plans, tax refunds, or help with other taxes such as business taxes. Stanislaus County Finance Departments provide online access to many of their services and tax records on their websites.

Ceres City Finance Department Ceres CA 2720 2nd Street 95307 209-538-5761

Modesto Finance Department Modesto CA 1010 10th Street, Ste 5200 95354 209-577-5369

Oakdale Finance Department Oakdale CA 280 N 3rd Ave 95361 209-845-3571

An IRS Office in Stanislaus County, California is a taxpayer assistance center run by the Internal Revenue Service. Stanislaus County IRS Office tax departments provide a range of tax-related services, including basic tax law assistance, processing applications for individual tax identification numbers, and other individualized tax services. They can also accept tax returns and tax payments, help individuals set up a payment plan, and resolve IRS problems. IRS Offices also provide specialized services, such as assistance with Affordable Care Act tax provisions and heavy highway vehicle use tax returns. Some matters require an appointment, which can be made on the Stanislaus County IRS Office website.

Modesto California IRS Office Modesto CA 1533 Lakewood Avenue 95355 209-548-7388

A Clerk in Stanislaus County, California operates at the county or local level of government to maintain public records for their jurisdiction. In addition to keeping vital records like marriage licenses and birth certificates, Stanislaus County Clerk's Offices also have a number of tax-related records and provide services related to taxes. This includes records on property tax assessments, paid and unpaid taxes, delinquent taxes, and tax liens. Stanislaus County Clerk tax departments may also provide information on tax payment plans, tax refunds, and local foreclosures. In addition, some Clerk's Offices handle Stanislaus County business taxes and licenses as well as vehicle taxes and registration. Clerks provide access to many of their services and records online.

Modesto City Clerk Modesto CA 1010 10th Street, Ste 6600 95354 209-577-5396

Stanislaus County Clerk Modesto CA 101 I Street 95351 209-525-5211

An Assessor in Stanislaus County, California works for the county or local government to determine the appraisal value of taxable property within its jurisdiction. This information is used to assess the taxes, including property taxes, owed by residents. Stanislaus County Assessors provide a number of tax-related services, including parcel searches, tax payment plans, tax refunds, and liens. The Stanislaus County tax department may also keep records on foreclosures, properties with delinquent taxes, and tax payments, as well as property tax assessments and property tax payment schedules. Assessors provide access to many of their services and records online.

Stanislaus County Assessor's Office Modesto CA 1010 10th Street 95354 209-525-6461